How to Grow Twitter Followers?

Twitter is fast capturing everyone’s attention. Despite having a cap on the number of characters posted, people are tweeting like crazy and hoping to get heard. If you wish to know how to grow Twitter followersyou just need to follow a few simple tips.

Frequent Tweeting

It is important to understand that even when Twitter is also a social media platform, it is slightly different from Facebook and Instagram and need an aggressive, no-holds-barred content strategy. To ensure maximum engagement, the brands need to tweet frequently, sometimes 15-20 times in a day. Since this platform is fast-paced, it is important to be relevant and quick. The trick is not to overpromote oneself. Anything can be done, it can be retweeting tweets from followers, buzzworthy stats, relevant industry news or articles, personal updates and more. This frequent tweeting will let potential followers know that you are engaging, active, and worth following.

Choose the Right Time to Tweet

It is very important to the perfect timing of the tweets. There is no point tweeting at a time when the target audience is sleeping. This will give you no new followers. Research indicates that late afternoons and weekdays is the best time to tweet as it results in greater engagement. Right timing of the tweets helps your account to gain more exposure and presence. Schedule the tweets using appropriate software according to the best time your followers may be active and continue doing so at intervals through the day.

Focus on Visual Contents

Understand visual content has an immediate reaction. People receive more shares, likes, and retweets on visual content than ones that are without them. Brands must work on contents that accompany the text and strikes a chord with the potential followers. Images are better positioned to encourage serial scrollers to take a few moments to look at the post.

Make the Most of Hashtags

Hashtags help in making posts easy to search as it just one of the ways to optimize your content. Posts with hashtags receive approximately 12.6 percent more engagement. This proves how it can help you to gain more followers.