How to Grow Twitter Followers?

Whether it is a small, medium, or large scale enterprise, no business can today ignore the importance of social media marketing (SMM) and social networking websites including Twitter and Facebook. There are multiple benefits for businesses when they use SMM over prolonged time intervals on websites including Twitter. These include the online promotion of business, customer interaction, enhancement of business reputation, and others.

Twitter can drive immense traffic to your business web pages, can help you network with customers and stakeholders alike, and can also distribute your content beyond regional and national boundaries. One of the most popular social media Twitter has more than 330 million users. 500 million tweets are being made every day. Around 75% of the B2B businesses now indulge in marketing activities on Twitter. Therefore, apart from establishing a social media presence, your business activities on Twitter will also help you beat the competition. If you are wondering how to grow Twitter followers, here are some tips to help you out.

Have a Professional Business Bio

On Twitter, you get 160 characters for your professional bio. Your business bio should use the right keywords, reveal to the customer your vision and belief, display social proof (including awards), and should also include company name and contact information along with the business website link. Business bio is the very first thing that can catch the attention of customers and attract or repel them. Hence it is important to give ample time, efforts and a professional approach towards its design and content structuring.

Story Telling

Storytelling on Twitter helps you connect well with your audience, as it has a humanizing effect. Being honest and revealing to the audience the elements of the personality of your business may help improve their comfort level.

Enhancing Visibility

Posting quality links and content and tweeting more will enhance the visibility of your product and its offerings. Using relevant hashtags will help customers find you easily. You can also connect with the right people, which will bring greater visibility and light on your business. Twitter lists help you stay focused on the right group of customers, which also helps in generating a closer interaction.

You can also hire a leading social media marketing agency, which is the prudent and proven answer to your “how to grow Twitter followers” question and needs. These SMM services and portals are fully automated and make it easy for you to have more followers. You spend the least money, time, and efforts towards marketing on social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook among others, while the gains are immense.